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Machines and Labelling units
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CLeap InLine

CLeap InLine
CLeap InLineCLeap InLineCLeap InLineCLeap InLine
  • High-speed linear labelling machines
  • Reduced overall dimensions of machine and labelling stations
  • Ultra-fast format changeover
In 2017 Makro created and presented a new labelling machine concept using longstator linear motor technology, setting a revolutionary new standard, the rotary CLEAP (Concept Leap).

The Cleap concept led to the creation of the new CLeap InLine, which, in addition to high precision and speed labelling, offers the same performance as a rotary machine with the overall dimensions of a linear machine. 

A considerable advantage is found in the format changeover phase: Intelligent shuttles, which move independently along the track, do not require the replacement of mechanical parts to transport different products, for complete adaptability; therefore, within minutes the operator is ready to resume production thanks to automatic adjustments.

Its versatility and production flexibility make it ideal due to its reduced overall dimensions.

Electronic rotary plates provide the perfect combination of precision and speed.

The possibility of adding plates and jacks to increase production speed, the electronically adjustable pitch, introduce previously unknown degrees of freedom.

The Cleap InLine can be upgraded with centring systems such as Raptor or machine labelling quality control systems such as Alice.

The Cleap InLine labelling machine is dedicated to the beverage, food, home & personal care and pharmaceutical industries.
Extreme smoothness
Minimum format changeover time
Absolute versatility thanks to rotating plates that are not present on a standard linear machine
High speed and positioning accuracy
Low energy consumption
Space-saving units (Slim model)


Model Speed
Platform Stations
CLEAP INLINE ADH 100 - 7.200 MAX 6 1 up to 4


CLeap InLine

Centring systems

CLeap InLine

Control systems

CLeap InLine

Rejection systems

CLeap InLine

Puck - Godet

CLeap InLine

Pressurization of empty containers

CLeap InLine

Automatic axis control

CLeap InLine

Marker support