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Research and development

Research and development
The spark of Makro innovation

Among the keys to Makro's success is its resourcefulness in investing in cutting-edge projects.

The company takes up the challenge of transforming innovative ideas into tangible realities centred on customer needs.

The R&D department pursues this vision, bringing creativity and concreteness together to design and manufacture new or improved products.

With a relentless commitment to progress, Makro R&D works synergistically with other departments to build the future of the industry, shaping the industrial landscape with original, effective and reliable solutions.

And while Makro invests in constant innovation, it remains firmly rooted in its homeland.

Every discovery, every invention, every advancement is entirely "Made in Italy".

This not only demonstrates Makro's dedication to quality and excellence, but also its responsibility towards the environment and sustainability, becoming an example that inspires and motivates other industries.

"Makro does not chase change, but drives it, pushing the boundaries of the ordinary for continuous improvement."