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Makro Labelling together with Clas SPA

At the CLAS SPA production facility in Imperia, Liguria, five MAK-2 machines are currently in operation, each equipped with reliable MAKRO adhesive units. These machines specialise in applying labels to jars containing delicious products such as pesto, sauces and pepper cream, with an extraordinary capacity of up to 12,000 jars per hour.

One of the distinguishing features of these machines is the vertical adhesive application of the seal. This design not only allows more efficient space management, but also ensures accurate distribution of the seal on the jars.

The 'Follower' centring system implemented on these machines ensures precise alignment of the labels during the entire labelling process.

Thanks to these advanced technical features, the production of the MAK-2s reaches a very high level, which translates into higher production speed and the highest quality.