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Makro Labelling & Gandola SPA

GANDOLA & C. SPA, a leader in the food industry, has chosen the MAK-1 labelling machine with Hot-Melt technology, the ideal solution for labelling jars containing spreadable cream.

Equipped with the Hot-Melt spray labelling station, the MAK-1 ensures the application of high adhesion labels on the jars. The hot-melt glue ensures secure and long-lasting adhesion, keeping the labels firmly attached even in difficult weather conditions.

With a production capacity of up to 6,000 jars/hour, the MAK-1 labelling machine offers efficient production management, enabling the growing demand for cream spreads to be met accurately and on time. The machine's versatility allows labels to be applied to jars made of different materials, ensuring maximum production flexibility.

Makro's Hot-Melt technology is the ideal choice for optimising the production of high-quality spreadable cream jars.