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Makro Labelling together with Rigoni di Asiago

For 15 years, Rigoni di Asiago and Makro Labelling have cultivated a solid and fruitful partnership, based on shared values and an unwavering commitment to quality. Together, we have crossed challenges and successes, building a partnership based on mutual trust and excellence.

Rigoni di Asiago, with its dedication to producing high quality, organic food, has relied on Makro Labelling to ensure that every product reaches the end consumer with the utmost precision and safety. Makro Labelling, a leader in labelling and packaging, has been instrumental in maintaining Rigoni di Asiago's high standards, ensuring that every package reflects the excellence of its contents.

These 15 years of collaboration are a tangible sign of the strength of the synergy between two companies committed to exceeding the standards of quality, innovation and sustainability. We look to the future with enthusiasm, ready to continue to grow together and offer consumers products that meet the highest standards of taste and integrity.

Thanks to Rigoni di Asiago and Makro Labelling for these 15 years of partnership, a successful journey that has made us stronger and more determined than ever to pursue excellence in our fields.